Our Story

Our crew at the Crazy Horse Monument
Finley Holiday Productions is a video production company in Los Angeles. We grew out of Finley-Holiday Films, a distribution/production company focused on national park retail films in the U.S.  Finley-Holiday Films is the premier creator of travel-style destination films sold in gift shops around the nation. Travel to most any national park and you’ll find Finley-Holiday Films DVD/Blu-ray/Video Downloads sold there.

However, media culture is shifting and we’re shifting with it. With the advent of social media and shareable content, the market for retail video sales declined. Many see this as a setback, but we saw an opportunity. Instead of focusing only on retail sales, why not use media to create an experience for people to have at these destinations? As Finley Holiday Productions, our films are being watched across the nation, both at the destinations and online.

The new media culture didn’t shut down communication, it opened up the world. We know you have fascinating stories to tell and experiences to share, but how do you reach the world and inspire your audience?

That’s where we can help.

Let’s dream bigger than ever before. We’ll come alongside you to help distill your vision, and with the best technology, cameras, and storytelling, we’ll capture that vision in stunning 4K resolution and craft it into a beautiful story that will share your message across the nation and the world.

Our Process

It Starts With An Idea

What do you need

Come to us with an idea and we’ll help you refine it and dream bigger. As filmmakers, we help to shape, distill and expand your vision so that it can be perfectly streamlined for maximum impact that will get people excited about your message.

Research & Storytelling

What is the story

We do in-depth research into the history and background of your subject, region, etc. to ensure we have the fullest picture possible of the story that needs to be told. Then we work with you to define the key themes and story points for the project. From there, we’ll work closely with you to handle all the logistics of organizing and scheduling the shoot.

The Shoot

Evolution of the story

We tailor our shooting schedule to the needs of the project.  We’ve done everything from 1-day event coverage to a full-year schedule to visually explore a subject in all its seasons. Some projects are heavily scripted, and others are primarily focused on improvisation and discovery. We always approach our shoots with an open mind and flexibility to allow the story to evolve and grow.

Post Production

Crafting the story

When we return from the shoot, it’s time to begin crafting all the captured moments into a cohesive whole. We don’t just handle editing, but also music, narration, graphic design, animated motion graphics, and sound mixing. Whatever the story needs, we create.

Vision Refinement

Making it meet your needs

When the project is complete, we’ll show you a finished proof. From there, we work together to refine and distill the project until you are completely certain that it will achieve your goals.

We’ve worked on a huge variety of projects over the years. Check out some of our favorites and read the stories of how they were made.

Have a Project?

Begin collaborating with us.

Have a Project?

Begin collaborating with us.