Bryce Canyon Night Sky

An educational video about the beauty of the night sky.

Bryce Canyon 
Night Sky

An educational video about the beauty of the night sky.

Filming the night sky.

Bryce Canyon National Park has one of the darkest skies in the nation. You can look up and see millions of stars and watch the Milky Way galaxy drift across the sky. Inside the park, you may meet an astronomy ranger like Kelly Ricks, who brings the stars to visitors night after night.

With urbanization and population growth, night skies are slowly disappearing across America, so we partnered with Bryce Canyon to make this thought-provoking film to inspire people to care about preserving the night skies.

Night sky filming is one of the most demanding photographic arts.  We set up time-lapse cameras and used special techniques that allowed us to capture the stars traveling across the sky.  High-altitude winter skies in remote locations are often best for night sky time-lapse, and a single 10-second scene requires staying up all night in below freezing temperatures.

In the end, this video production was a great collaboration with the National Park Service to help them raise awareness for the stunning night skies at Bryce Canyon.

I see that light in their eyes when I tell them what they’re looking at. And they’re speechless.

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