Moab in the Off-Season

Where adventure begins – in a 30-second commercial.

Moab in the Off-Season


Where Adventure begins – in a 30 second commerical.

The road less traveled.

Summertime is almost always the busiest time for any outdoor destination. It’s the season tourists love to travel in most, and for good reasons. But with popularity also comes crowds, and when trails are crowded that special sense of being one with nature is harder and harder to attain. That’s why the folks at Moab love the off-season days – they are quieter, calmer, and more intimate.

After we had finished creating the new theater film for the Moab Information Center, the Moab Area Travel Council asked us if we could help them with their plan to spread the word about the region’s best-kept secret and create a TV commercial promoting the off-season in Moab. They hope that people who learn about the delights of fall, winter, and spring in Moab will be inspired to come experience it for themselves.

This commercial ended up playing in local and regional networks around Utah, including a special marketing campaign in Salt Lake City.

To learn more about the theater film watch “Welcome to Moab”.

Serenity awaits the traveller who comes when others leave.

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