Welcome to Moab

A trailer for the multi-agency theater film “Welcome to Moab”.  

Welcome to Moab

A trailer for the multi-agency theater film “Welcome to Moab”  

Achieving divergent goals.

This video is a trailer for an immersive 4K theater film for a multi-agency visitor center in the town of Moab, Utah. The mission: provide visitors an orientation to the public lands and diverse visitor activities around Moab, highlight the messages of the five partner agencies at this visitor center, AND do it all in a 15-minute film. The partners include Canyonlands Natural History Association, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Forest Service, and the Moab Area Travel Council.

The previous theater film at the Moab visitor center was outdated and needed a serious upgrade. However, the filmmaking challenge was two-fold; the opportunities for outdoor adventures around Moab are nearly endless, and the five partnering agencies had uniquely different missions and messages. These ranged from promoting conservation and safety within the parks to attracting more visitors and filling hotel beds.

We worked together with these agencies in order to understand their different visions and needs. They needed the film to be exciting, showcasing the number of things to do within the areas and helping people decide what they wanted to do. They also needed the film to include an inspiring message of conservation without being pedantic. Finally, they needed smaller video segments so the Moab Area Travel Council could promote it all over social media.

So we planned a 1-week trip. In just seven days, we covered miles upon miles of land, splitting up and filming the dozens of activities and interviews we needed to accurately tell the whole story of Moab’s wide open lands.

The final 15-minute theater film impressed all of the groups involved. They walked away confident that their unique messages would be heard, and proud to have this film represent Moab’s public lands to the visitors.

This particular trailer was used to launch their social media campaign. It received over 88K views in just two weeks as fans, groups, and organizations shared and loved what they saw.

To learn more about the conservation side of this project, see “Secrets of the Moab Desert”.

There were five agencies all with different goals that needed to be met. The end result was a delicate balancing act, but it worked!

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