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A social media trailer for the 4K theater film “Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area”  

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A social media trailer for the 4K theather film “Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area”

Time to spread the word.

For the past year, we had been working with the Southern Nevada Conservancy to create a theater film that would showcase the beauty and experiences that visitors could have at Red Rock. With over 2 million visitors per year, Red Rock Canyon needed an engaging and inspiring film for visitors to discover what makes Red Rock so special and what they can do as visitors to help keep it that way.

Filming, editing, scoring, and revisions were finally done and a premiere had been scheduled. Now…it was time to spread the word.

To help them get the word out about their new film and the premiere event, we created this social media trailer for them and their partners to post in anticipation of the film. This short trailer helped announce the new film to thousands via local media and created interest and support for SNC and the conservation area with local visitors.

The premiere was a massive success and now the film is playing every half-hour in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area visitor center just outside Las Vegas.

The filming was done, editing complete, revisions carefully implemented. All that was left…spreading the word.

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